Association of Professional Mediators and a Certified Divorce Coach

My Story

A few years ago, I found myself weighing the decision to divorce.  I had no one to talk to about this decision and felt very alone as I was making this life changing decision.  I worried about my finances, where I would live, and most importantly the impact this would have on my children.  Once I made the decision, I became overwhelmed with the divorce process which I knew nothing about.  I found it extremely stressful and it brought out a side of me that I didn’t like.  The process took 2 years and took an emotional and physical toll on me.  Once the divorce was final, I began to make decisions about where to live and how to work with my children to ensure that the impact on them was minimal.  After some time had passed, I met my current husband who unfortunately was embroiled in the process of his own divorce.  As an observer, I witnessed first hand the adversarial nature of the court system and truly believe it is a broken process.  It tears parents and children apart.  Soon after his divorce was finalized, I began reflecting back on both of our experiences – everything from the decision to divorce, the process of divorce, and the things we needed to do to rebuild our lives and our children’s lives.  I remember all the feelings I experienced and all of the decisions I had to make.  And I watched as my now husband struggled in all aspects of his life due to the stress and adversarial nature of the process.  And it dawned on me that there must be a way to help others thru this difficult time and to minimize the impact to individuals and their families.  I did some soul searching and decided that I needed to pursue a career as a mediator and coach so that I could do for others what I wished I had for myself and my husband.  I have spent 20 years working in financial services most recently as a director of strategy and analytics and have completed educational and training programs for mediation and coaching.  I am currently a member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators and a Certified Divorce Coach.  My hope for each couple and individual that I work with is that they can make the best decisions about their future so that they can move forward in life with the best possible outcome and new found peace with each other.


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