What is Divorce Coaching?

You may be asking yourself,  “what is divorce coaching?”  As your coach, I am your thinking partner and sounding board.  We will work together to identify what you want to accomplish and develop strategies to achieve your goals.  Our conversations will always begin with celebrating your successes.  You will then share your concerns and what you would like to focus on for our time together.  Thru conversation, we will explore those areas of focus to identify potential options and determine what actions you would like to take as a result.  Near the end of our conversation, you will decide on the steps you would like to take.  My goal for you thru these conversations is to explore who you want to be now and into the future and for you to be able to move forward in life the way you define it.  We can schedule as many sessions as needed until you feel you have achieved everything you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is suitable for coaching?

Anyone who is thinking about divorce, in the middle of a divorce, or post-divorce and needs help making decisions and thinking thru potential actions to take to define their future are suitable for  divorce coaching.

What are the benefits of divorce coaching?

There are many disruptions caused by divorce which can overwhelm everything in your life.  Coaching provides you with a safe place to discuss any number of topics so that you can think clearly and make the best decisions.  Lawyers are not expected

How is divorce coaching different from therapy?

Coaching focuses on you being your best self as you make decisions about your future including practical decisions about divorce specific topics.  Therapy focuses on crisis situations, rehabilitation, and other emotional disorders that are often a result of experiences in your past.  Coaching and Therapy can overlap when the conversation explores topics such as career planning, personal growth, and behavior modification.  If we begin to discuss topics where a therapist is the appropriate expert to help you, I will identify that for you and recommend that you speak with a therapist.

How is divorce coaching different from a lawyer?

Coaches can help you get organized for the divorce process and identify questions you might have that are appropriate to ask a lawyer.  Lawyers provide legal advice and process the divorce thru the courts.  If we begin to discuss topics where a lawyer is the appropriate expert to help you, I will identify that for you and recommend that you speak with a lawyer about that particular topic.


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